Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Woven Together at Juneja Art Gallery

Jaipurites are going to witness a spectacular Grand Show , Which will be a blend of gigantic
magnificent Sculptural installation along with dance performance. An invite is attached along with a video & curatorial note for your kind appraisal.

Woven Together
1st Sept. 2018  at 6 .30 pm. Juneja Art Gallery – C – 34 & 36, Road No.1, Bais Godown, Jaipur.
Releasing and letting go to create a space.
A space that is both empty and ready to receive, where ideas come and go, watchful egos that float in and out. 

Senses that feel and emotions that rise and fall, like a wave that warmly caresses you, before you once again find your balance:

“Woven Together” is this, and more... 
It is not about me, not about you, nor about them “Woven Together” is about us.

Woven Together “ is a tangible creative outcome of a collaborative journey that was started over a year ago - 
“Mutthi - a fistful of Clay” 

Ruby Jhunjhunwala is trained at Alfred University, NY under the mentorship of Daniel Rhodes. She is one of the pioneering ceramic artists of the country, with over 40 years of experience.

Ruby transforms her studio Adipa once every month into a community space for people of different abilities, diverse backgrounds, and all ages; to connect and understand one another from a perspective other than their own. Together they play with clay and leave their identities in the form of a ‘Fistful of Clay’.
Hrishikesh Pawar, formally trained in Kathak, followed by over 8 years of study & practice of contemporary dance in Palucca Schule Dresden Germany, has moved beyond the classical dance boundaries to explore the various dimensions of the human body.

As Ruby and Hrishikesh have meandered through this creative journey, together they have imbibed the sentiments of the two different mediums, the soft, cool malleable clay, and the graceful movements of the dancing body.

42 Artists from across the globe have worked with a sense of oneness, giving Ruby the freedom to curate and weave together their work into fabric like forms speaking a single language- a language of love, caring and acceptance.

Hence, “Woven Together” is an experiential installation that aspires to take back the viewer to the basics, it almost endears you to move within and explore your own feelings and realizations.

Ruby works to bring an acceptance of differently abled members into the mainstream system, so also Hrishikesh invests his artistic energies with Parkinson's patients to facilitate them to dance and accept their body.  It is obvious that both Ruby & Hrishikesh desire to expand their expression beyond just clay or dance.

The collaboration “Woven together” is just the beginning of this journey...

Using the elements of ceramics, imagery, dance, movement, music and community, the collaborative work triggers a sense of awareness and curiosity that eventually leads to ‘acceptance’.

Show is on view from 1st to 22nd Sept. 2018

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